Articles by Fabrice

Setup Neovim with kickstart.nvim

How to create a sane Neovim configuration with kickstart.nvim as a starting point.

Manipulate XML/HTML with Xidel

An example-based approach on how to easily parse XML/HTML files and stubs with Xidel.

Neovim as a LaTex Development Environment

How to turn Neovim into a full-fledged latex development environment

Rofi's keyboard shortcut for passwordstore on Wayland

How to configure keyboard inputs for rofi menu on wayland for pass


Some useful wget and curl commands, such as downloading a repository.

Use termtosvg to screencast your terminal

Record your terminal in animated svg. But beware, this page could give a hard time to CPU to render.

Block ads using LaTeX

Blocking ads in your print-yourself tickets has never been so easy. A script is available at the end of the article.

Use any letterhead in LaTeX

A quick trick to use a pdf letterhead with latex.

Manage your passwords with pass

A simple password manager that relies on gpg, and synchronized with git.

Write your emails in markdown with vim

An example of how to easily manipulate email templates in a markdown.

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