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I'm Fabrice Mouhartem, and I welcome you to this blog, which aims at relieving my brain from the hard task of remembering all sorts of weird stuffs (thus, don't expect me to provide you some fresh original contents). I hope it'll help some of you as well. Those stuffs will be mainly about my everyday use of linux but not only.

If you are lost and are looking for my professional page, it's available here where you can find a list of my annex activities as well as a list of free and open source software I everyday use.
If you are looking for a French version of this blog, you take a look over there.

If you want to send me any questions or comments about this blog, feel free to do so at courriel.

Last Articles


Some useful wget and curl commands, such as downloading a repository.

Use termtosvg to screencast your terminal

Record your terminal in animated svg. But beware, this page could give a hard time to CPU to render.

Block ads using LaTeX

Blocking ads in your print-yourself tickets has never been so easy. A script is available at the end of the article.

Use any letterhead in LaTeX

A quick trick to use a pdf letterhead with latex.

Manage your passwords with pass

A simple password manager that relies on gpg, and synchronized with git.