Manage your passwords with pass

Posted by Fabrice on Monday, April 22, 2019 Updated on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Translation: fr

As security breaches are discovered regularly, and so leakage happens, it is recommended to have a different password on each account. However, this task is obviously a pain to maintain by hand. I did use a notebook back in 2003, which I lost within a month, given that I'm a very organized person.

Hopefully, many password managers exist, with similar features: cross-platform (especially smartphone support), password generation,browser integration…

I'm not here to compare them, if you want to give a look, wikipedia provides a nice comparison table there.

However, thanks to moviuro, my choice is pass along with pass-otp (and passmenu). I don't intend either to make a comprehensive guide, as those already populate the internet, for example here.

To make it short, pass is a bash scripts using git, gpg written by zx2c4.

Here are just some commands I often use.

pass generate -i <pass-name>

To regenerate a password, the -i is important to avoid overwritting the whole file and having to rely on dirty git to withdraw your mistake (pass <cmd> will automatically commit your change)… I sometimes forget it, so let's put it here as a reminder.

pass git <whatever you want>

To do whatever you want with git, especially dirty git 😉

And finally, I'm using password-store on my android phone.

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